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SDS Solutions Inc.

SDS Solutions Inc. is a small business specializing in information technology services for large businesses and government agencies with complex data center and IT infrastructure. We provide enterprise engineering, with a focus on HPC, automated configuration management, software development, cloud and virtualization solutions (private and public), and continuous monitoring.

Software Development

  • Dashboard solutions design and implementation

  • Software Development Life-Cycle Management

  • IT Operations Automation

  • Web Development

  • Mobile Device Development

  • Software Quality Assurance

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IT Infrastructure Support

  • Server Infrastructure Implementation and Maintenance

  • Storage Infrastructure Implementation and Maintenance

  • High Performance Computing

  • File-sharing Services

  • Network Infrastructure Implementation

  • Data center Power and Cooling design


Cloud and Virtualization

  • Container solution design, implementation and migration

  • Software Defined Data center design solutions

  • Cloud solutions design, implementation and migration

  • Infrastructure as code implementation

  • High availability and Disaster Recovery solutions

  • Virtual Desktop


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